Pen and Ink

Pen, ink, digital color

The first paycheck I ever received for anything creative was from a pen and ink drawing I submitted to my college newspaper. It was published as the graphic for the Letters to the Editor section. I remember being incredibly humbled and honored to see the lines of my work in print.

Years later, I got to flex those muscles again to illustrate a magazine story series about sustainability. The carrot, the fish, and the goji berry are part of that series.

A friend of mine writes a series of delicious vignettes titled The Doughnut Chronicles. From time to time, I submit the odd cartoon -- again, activating that comic muscle memory.

I also couldn't do this section without giving you a peek at my old college comic strip Tarabella

I still begin my sketches the analog way - a blank piece of paper, a sharp pencil, a fistful of ink pens...and then diving into the possibilities of the digital medium for color. 

A lot has changed since my first published sketch. What hasn't changed is that feeling of peace and happiness to see those wry pencil lines turn into a symbol, a graphic, an icon or -- better -- a bit of comic personality for others to enjoy.